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A custom career consultation is a personal phone call that allows you to speak with an industry professional and learn about specific training programs that fit you best. Get your questions answered and learn about how to apply for specific programs.

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Our career consultations are a new service and we are offering **free** consults during our trial period.

We are gathering your input and feedback as we develop and refine this service.

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What Students Are Saying

eQuez helped me look at schools that I wasn’t really considering. Once eQuez ranked the schools according to what I said was important to me, it made me realize I was ranking my schools all wrong!

Brian T.

Thank you for the eRank! It gave me an idea of what schools I should consider attending based on my personal preferences (location, campus size etc.). As someone who just discovered Podiatric Medicine, and developed a strong interest in it while shadowing, listening to the podcast and watching eQuez videos of interviews with podiatrists on YouTube, I’ve found these to be great tools. I recommend every student who is exploring a career in medicine to take advantage of eQuez.

Sada W.

Super helpful and informative, and the people involved are very motivated to help students!😃

Talia S.

Explore best-fit training programs and connect with an industry professional.

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