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What Students & Parents Are Saying

This service saved me $70,000 and I continue to benefit economically and personally from all that the service provided.

Zac K.

There is more to the application process than visiting a college and signing a paper. We would never have known to put in the time to research all of the different colleges and that the Indiana Institute of Technology existed without Margaret’s help. She put in the research time, explained the process in an easy to understand manner, showed us how to find scholarships, helped us understand financing, and saved us a boatload of money!

Linda K.

“Highly Recommend” is the first thing I think of when discussing Ms. Feldman’s services.  Ms. Feldman was personally and professionally interested in our daughter’s college search. Ms. Feldman’s expertise in researching college selections with our daughter made our daughter confident in her final selection. Our daughter greatly benefited from Ms. Feldman’s mentoring as well.  We will certainly continue to work with Ms. Feldman once our next child begins their college search. 

Jody K.

Our daughter is a High School student at Hilton High School, and we were fortunate enough to have the distinct pleasure of utilizing Ms. Feldman’s expertise and experience in assisting our daughter in scholarship applications/writing. Our daughter was the recipient of three scholarships this year (2013), and in large part was due to the assistance Ms. Feldman  provided to our child to ensure each of the scholarships were professionally written and met all standards required by each individual committee.  Although our daughter is bright and articulate it certainly was helpful to have an expert in the area of scholarship guidance, and mentoring of our daughter.  Our daughter felt more confident and self-assured when submitting her final drafts to scholarship committees due to the care and concern she gave to our daughter. Our experience has been absolutely positive, and our daughter won every scholarship that was reviewed or discussed by Ms. Feldman. Our family could not be any more proud, and it is with much pleasure  and distinct honor that we submit this testimonial on Ms. Feldman’s behalf.

Hilton High School Parent

eQuez helped me look at schools that I wasn’t really considering. Once eQuez ranked the schools according to what I said was important to me, it made me realize I was ranking my schools all wrong!

Brian T.

Thank you for the eRank! It gave me an idea of what schools I should consider attending based on my personal preferences (location, campus size etc.). As someone who just discovered Podiatric Medicine, and developed a strong interest in it while shadowing, listening to the podcast and watching eQuez videos of interviews with podiatrists on YouTube, I’ve found these to be great tools. I recommend every student who is exploring a career in medicine to take advantage of eQuez.

Sada W.

Super helpful and informative, and the people involved are very motivated to help students!?

Talia S.